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The College of Mathematics and Statistics is home to five departments: the Department of Mathematics, Department of Applied Mathematics, Department of Information and Computational Science, Department of Statistics and the University Mathematics Teaching Department. The College has one provincial scientific research platform (Guangdong University HD Video Intelligent Analysis and Processing Engineering Technology Center) and a university scientific research platform (Liu Jiming mathematics center).

The faculty boasts an accomplished faculty comprising 86 members, including three full-time distinguished professors, three part-time distinguished professors, 13 professors and 26 associate professors, 46% of whom hold senior titles and 67 have PhD degrees. In recent years, faculty members have undertaken more than 60 national research projects and about 50 provincial research projects with a total funding of nearly ten million yuan, published four academic monographs, four teaching textbooks and over 400 papers in renowned domestic and international journals and had four patents.

Currently, the College offers three undergraduate programs: Mathematics and Applied Mathematics (including mathematics education and financial mathematics), Information and Computing Science and Statistics with a total enrollment of 946 students and two first-tier discipline master’s degree programs in Mathematics and Statistics with a total enrollment of 78 students. The College has also collaborated with other faculties to set up two double degree experimental classes in Mathematical Finance and Mathematics and Computer Science.

The College aims to provide students with an exceptional education that combines theory and practice. We have established practice bases for education, finance, securities, software and network and own various laboratories including the Mathematics and Applied Mathematics Lab, Mathematical Finance and Actuarial Science Lab, and Intelligent Computing Lab.

The College has established international partnerships with overseas universities, offering a “3+2” joint degree undergraduate program with State University of New York at Binghamton and joint doctoral programs with Hong Kong Baptist university, American University of Puerto Rico and Southern Illinois University.

The College has successfully held five international academic conferences and three national academic conferences.



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